Compliant with industry standards and policies


Higher payouts than display advertising


Of installs are monetized wordwide

100 Million

Installs shown per month

Desktop App Monetization

Recommend high-quality apps you believe are valuable to your users, and get paid every time a user accepts and installs a recommendation. OpenCandy is the only ad network in the industry that allows publishers to manually select which advertisers appear in their installer.

Transparency & Control

The only fully transparent network in the market – YOU choose and approve apps to offer to your users. Use our console to choose the desired app as well as control parameters (opt-in vs. opt-out, search vs. non-search) to ensure you’re recommending the right apps to your users.

Transparency And Control 2
Higher Revenue

Higher revenue

Maximize your revenues with the highest quality, most diverse, global marketplace of offers. OpenCandy’s dynamic app recommendation system targets and optimizes the right app for the right user, from advertiser offers competing in real-time.

Optimized Conversion

Optimized Conversion

Through tens of thousands of screen variations, OpenCandy’s system is constantly optimizing yield and revenues across multiple variables. In addition, OpenCandy’s download manager can boost download-to-install conversion by 30%, ultimately increasing your revenues and user satisfaction.

Unparalleled Quality

Unparalleled Quality

Increase revenues while providing your users the high-quality, transparent experience they deserve. OpenCandy raises the quality bar through the most stringent policies and a rigorous compliance process with 40 checkpoints for any advertiser product to be allowed on the network.

Realtime Analytics

Real-time Analytics

Analytics platform to measure the most important metrics that lead to revenue and long-term user satisfaction. Our analytics platform provides anonymous insights and live feedback on your product’s performance.

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Simple Integration

Start monetizing your software within minutes. Whether you have a web, desktop, or mobile app, we will find the right distribution options for you to profit from your software.

Simple Integration
Use Your Own Installer

Use your own installer

Retain your existing installer technology, while leveraging OpenCandy’s powerful ad serving platform with a simple plugin.

Opencandy Installer

Use the OpenCandy Installer

Integrate OpenCandy’s white-label, customizable installer to maintain your brand while recommending high-quality apps.